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About Us

Akam seeks to be the leading company that contributes to the success of the real estate sector, and to be one of the fastest growing real estate developers in the Middle East. Starting from Cairo’s New Capital, Akam always excels in all its projects aiming to become the leader of innovation in real estate development.

Akam offers the highest return on investment to its customers, investors, and clients. Providing a unique state-of-the-art residential community while addressing the priorities of its customers and partners.

In collaboration with the largest real estate developers in the Middle East. Akam is proud to have a reliable track record and a strong history in real estate development. Offering exceptional quality and a unique experience to its customers in every project.

Board Members

Led by board members with a long history and strong track record in real estate development, and collaboration with Al Muhaid Group, one of the largest Engineering Consulting firms in the Middle East.

Chairman Message

Our focus at Akam Developments is to build happy communities. Which we are successfully reaching by addressing, the needs and priorities of our clients and partners. Through our long-term professional relationship based on strong values and Integrity.

Transparency is how we operate with our associated entities, success partners & clients, looking for high return on investment is what allows us to continue to grow. We deliver outstanding results through exceptional planning, amazing designs, unique facilities, and great spirit.

The Real Estate Market in Egypt continues to inspire and excite us coinciding with our ability to look at opportunities that allow us to deliver brilliantly designed communities.

We work nonstop to create an unmatched living experience for our clients. It is more than bricks and mortar; it is about delivering a unique service and experience. We go beyond what most of Egypt’s real estate developing companies deliver because you deserve more.

The future is indeed an exciting one for Akam Developments alongside our partners and professional team, we strive to build a happier tomorrow.

CEO & Founder


Associated Entities

Residence Real Estate Development

Residence Developments focuses on creating high-end touristic and residential communities that cater to meet Egypt’s emergent market demand, since 1996. Its first large scale project started in 2011, presenting to the Egyptian market first class hotel apartments to suit the pursuit of the market for elite and superior residential units with superior quality of life through its hotel features.

Benayat Development & Innovation

Benayat Company is one of the Dar Albena Alarabi Group and Target for Contracting and Engineering Consultations, since 1986. The company is effectively engaged in the real estate revival and development through developing managing and marketing real estate, and developmental projects to reach the completely satisfaction with the clients.

Al-Muhaid Consulting Engineers

Al-Muhaid creates, designs, supervises and manages projects that have the potential to better society, since 2005. We build on our proven multidisciplinary expertise and offer regional urban planning and comprehensive architectural and engineering consulting services. El-Muhaid focuses on delivering innovative solutions that meet clients' real needs.

Success Partners